Công ty TNHH LG Innotek Việt Nam Hải Phòng tuyển dụng sinh viên viện Điện, Điện tử Viễn thông, Cơ khí tốt nghiệp năm 2017

                                                           RECRUITMENT ANNOUNCEMENT
No Position Qty Requirement Remark
1 Production Engineer staff 28   Major: Engineer of Automation/ Electric/Mechanic/Mechatronics
2 Manufacturing staff 6
3 QA staff 5
Job requirement of each position will be shared details in the interview
Joining LG Innotek:
-          Global number 1 products for global biggest customer
-          Global working environment
-          Opportunities for future career
-          Chance to join training courses in Korea and other countries
Salary and benefit:
-          Saturday and Sunday off
-          Annual holiday with full payment
-          Other: Discuss in the interview
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